Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass (1888)

Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass (1888)
One of my favorite still life subjects of Van Gogh, the cut branch in a glass, I ran across this one with the book behind creating a complicated compositional element. Note also the use of complementary colors, red and green, creating a vibration in the painting.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Otto Dix

Happy Birthday Otto Dix!! German born painter from 1891, Dix was a German Expressionist known for his graphic depictions of warfare and post-war Berlin. He studied art in Dresden. His expressive portraits were so exaggerated the work was labeled Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) or Magic Realism. He painted a triptych that mysteriously vanished from the Dresden Museum and later Dix himself was even arrested by the Gestapo. Not surprisingly, many of his paintings were destroyed by the Nazi regime. After 1946 he concentrated on religious works.  The work I have included today is titled Still Life with Widow's Veil (1925).

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