Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass (1888)

Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass (1888)
One of my favorite still life subjects of Van Gogh, the cut branch in a glass, I ran across this one with the book behind creating a complicated compositional element. Note also the use of complementary colors, red and green, creating a vibration in the painting.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Happy Birthday Guercino!! Italian born Baroque painter from 1591, his nickname means “squint-eyed”. His true name was Francesco Barbieri. He studied under Carracci. Aurora is considered his masterpiece, and is located on the ceiling of Casino Ludovico, in Rome. A prime example of High Baroque, the images are luxuriously flamboyant. Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn, announces the waking of the Sun.

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