Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass (1888)

Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass (1888)
One of my favorite still life subjects of Van Gogh, the cut branch in a glass, I ran across this one with the book behind creating a complicated compositional element. Note also the use of complementary colors, red and green, creating a vibration in the painting.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Andrea Kauffman

Happy Birthday Andrea Kauffman!! This woman was a Swiss Neoclassical painter, born in 1740 and although she was born in Switzerland, she grew up in Austria. Her father was a painter as well and it was he who taught her. He took her to Italy, France and Spain, and she became quite skilled by age 12. She was most adept at classical allegorical and historical painting, and these were exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy. She, with some other painters was commissioned to decorate St. Paul's Cathedral and along with fellow painter Biagio Rebecca was responsible for the Academy's Somerset House lecture room. Her self portrait is below.

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