Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass (1888)

Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass (1888)
One of my favorite still life subjects of Van Gogh, the cut branch in a glass, I ran across this one with the book behind creating a complicated compositional element. Note also the use of complementary colors, red and green, creating a vibration in the painting.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lorenzo Lippi

 Happy Birthday Lorenzo Lippi!! Italian, born in Florence, Lorenzo Lippi from 1606 was a painter and poet. He studied with Matteo Rosselli and went on to work with him in partnership. He was married to the daughter of a wealthy sculptor and appointed court painter in Innsbruck. He painted many portraits (such as the one below) and allegorical and Biblical subjects. His work is recognizable by the graceful folds in the drapery and soft facial expressions.

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